It Seems Like Sour Grapes

I found this article today, and it upset me, but not for the reasons you may think. Although this was not a recent article, the issue is still quite relevant. The article focuses on the antagonism a lot of people have towards public workers’ retirement pensions. They argue that these pensions are too high, and start at too early an age.
Honestly, I think people are just being bitter and demonstrating some sour grapes syndrome. I am nowhere near retirement age, and cannot say what will be the pension situation at that point. But I cannot see myself getting upset because someone is getting to retire before me, or getting a larger retirement check. These people worked for many years. They were lucky enough to work for companies, or government agencies that had excellent retirement perks. Good for them.
To put this in a different perspective that applies to me, this would be the equivalent of me getting all bent out of shape because there are women out there who are housewives, because they can afford it, along with shopping sprees, and other luxuries. They lounge around all day and still get everything. Again, good for them. They happen to be in a different lot in life. They got lucky, or happened to be in the right place at the right time. Do I wish I could do that? Sometimes. (Not sure about the whole housewife bit, but I could definitely use the shopping spree). Do I begrudge anyone else this? No.
I agree it is sad that not everyone can get those types of retirement benefits. But unfortunately life is not always fair. I have learned to love what I have, and live with it. Begrudging other people what they have, or earned, is not conducive to my own health or happiness.
I don’t understand why there have to be initiatives taken to government to limit retirement pensions for government officials, or up the retirement age. And when I say “government officials” I am referring to government employees such as office workers, teachers, fire fighters, police officers, etc. and not necessarily high paid politicians. Again, these are people who worked their entire lives in these jobs. They may end up making more in retirement, but as far as I am concerned, they deserve it. And if they don’t? I am not going to worry about it.

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