25 Things I Love About Being Pregnant

1. Super comfortable maternity clothes.
2. Having seconds or thirds for dinner, without getting any strange looks.
3. My luscious hair.
4. Nails that grow on their own and don’t break every few days.
5. A reason to nap throughout the day.
6. The way my face glows even without make up.
7. Feeling my baby move inside of me.
8. Looking cute while waddling around.
9. Shopping for tiny clothes and shoes.
10. All the other cute baby things.
11. Decorating the nursery.
12. Stork parking.
13. Soft Skin.
14. The ridiculous amount of energy I get during the third trimester.
15. Complete strangers being super nice to you.
16. Sex with my husband is even better.
17. Food rubs.
18. Poking my stomach so the baby can reply.
19. My cup size increases.
20. Clothes shopping is so much easier.
21. I get to focus on all the accessories.
22. Baby showers.
23. Reading baby books.
24. Ultrasounds.
25. Knitting baby blankets.

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