25 Things I Hate About Being Pregnant

1. Maternity clothes are super comfortable, but not exactly chic.
2. Being constantly hungry.
3. Not being able to dye my hair anymore.
4. Having long, strong nails that I cannot polish due to hormones.
5. Feeling tired all the time.
6. Often having blotchy skin.
7. Sometimes being violently kicked from the inside.
8. Not being able to wear flattering shoes.
9. Shortness of breath.
10. Needing to buy things for the baby while managing a budget.
11. Decorating the nursery.
12. Sometimes feeling physically helpless and needing to rely on others for simple things such as lifting a few gallons of water.
13. Having to lather myself in cocoa butter every night to prevent stretch marks.
14. Not being able to sleep at night.
15. Complete strangers rubbing my stomach.
16. Feeling like a beached whale regardless of how attractive my husband may think I am.
17. Swollen feet.
18. Braxton Hicks.
19. Needing new bras.
20. Seeing the sales, but knowing I cannot buy the clothes.
21. Having to channel my focus to jewelry and purses since all other fashion has gone out the door.
22. Organizing a baby shower can be very stressful and costly.
23. Reading nothing but baby books.
24. Ultrasounds.
25. Feeling an inexplicable need to create cute little baby things.

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