This is Normal…

I have been coughing for well over a month now. This happens almost every year. Needless to say, everyone asks why I don’t just go to a doctor. Again, this happens nearly every year, and has been since I was very young. I have been to the doctor for this almost two dozen times. But, after numerous coworkers and friends endlessly urged that I see a doctor “for the love of God!” I decided to go. I went, and what did the doctor do? The same thing he does (or she does, depending which doctor I go to) every time.
Doctor: You are coughing.
NOTE: Very perceptive.
Me: Yes… and I have been for a while.
Doctor: Have you taken cough syrup?
Me: Yes. I think I am on my third bottle.
Doctor: What about cough drops?
Me: Yes, I keep some in my purse.
Doctor: Cold medication?
Me: Well, I no longer have a cold. But when I did, I took some DayQuil, and I got better.
Doctor: I am going to have you take some x-rays.
*** I let them take some x-rays of my chest***
Doctor: Your lungs seem fine.
Me: So, more cough syrup?
Doctor: You can keep taking the cough syrup, if you like.
NOTE: Who likes cough syrup?? Seriously? I practically gag each time I have to take it.
Me: Do you have any suggestions?
Doctor: Would you like an inhaler?
Me: Will it help?
Doctor: Um… probably not.
NOTE: This right here folks, is why I don’t go to the doctor every time I cough endlessly. This is what happens every time. Every time!
In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with me. Except the whole coughing my lungs out bit. I asked him, and he said my coughing sounds normal. I am going to interpret this as being how I am supposed to sound. Does that mean there is something wrong when I am not coughing? Should I be coughing year round? Is there something wrong with the rest of you because you are not coughing? Should you be?
I went to the doctor with one question and came back with five. And I don’t think my original one was answered either. So, six?

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