The Rubik’s Cube

The problem with fantasy is actually just that. It is not real. Even worse, when juxtaposed with reality it evinces just how brutal it is. It reminds you of what you were trying to escape. And it is no gentle reminder.

It also reminds you of why you cannot escape. You did this to yourself. What’s that saying? You’ve made your bed, now lie in it? Oh the irony.

Unfortunately fantasy is pretense, and you can only play pretend for so long. You can’t live in your head forever.

What’s worse, other people don’t want to live in your head. They want reality. So you try to create a reality for them, but you mangle it somehow, and it ends up incomplete. It is like creating a Matrix, except your are missing walls, and the ceiling looks like it is going to collapse. And then it all does. It is like the Rubik’s cube from Hell – you don’t know how to put it back together.

After your fantasy crashes, you are still left because you were always real. And now you have to remain in reality, but all you want is to bring your fantasy back and make it real. The impossible Rubik’s cube.

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