The Ironic Vacation

Next weekend I will be in San Francisco for four wonderful days! I have been wanting to go back for years.

I am currently planning the trip and trying to fit in as many different places each day as I can. I am pretty sure I have more things in mind than there are hours in the day for, but nevermind that.
This is my list so far:
I definitely want to stop by Fisherman’s Wharf (last time I was there they had amazing bread bowl clam chowder, and I have never forgotten in).
I want to climb down the stairs of Telegraph Hill (and actually take pictures this time!)
Walk around Haight-Ashbury.
I want to go to the Museum of Modern Art.
There are half a dozen cafes I want to try. And at least two restaurants.
Go to the Palace of Fine Arts.
Eat chocolate at Ghirardelli Square.
Visit the Japanese Gardens.
Oh, and I want to go into Berkeley too! See all the little shops I miss, and find that poster shop that has the pictures I want to frame. Even though they probably sold years ago.
As the week progresses I am sure this list will grow exponentially and get completely out of hand. I will have to wield my unruly list all weekend. Darn.

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