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Nothing New


A couple of people have been wondering why I have not posted anything new about grad school applications. The reason being there is nothing new to report. Everything is as it was before. However, today is April 1st, and I have not heard a single word from one of the schools, which is a little disconcerting. So far everyone has said either yes, or maybe, and they have not as much as acknowledged my existence. Considering that every school I applied to had some sort of problem with my application where a part of it went missing (transcripts twice, letters of recommendation once, and my writing sample as well), the fact that I have not heard from this school at all immediately got me at this point assuming that they must have lost my entire application. Of course that can’t be the case – I have a receipt stating it was submitted – but that is just how my brain works.

I am still refreshing GradCafe every few hours, and no one is mentioning them at all. This is a relief since I am not the only one, but I also looked at previous years and historically they have sent out their responses during the last two weeks of March. That was last week. So I am sitting here intently staring at my phone (because that is obviously the answer to everything), waiting for it to ring, buzz, vibrate, dance for me… whatever.

A friend suggested I email them to inquire about the application, but to me that just seems overly pushy. However, considering the national deadline for applicants to make all decisions is exactly two weeks from now, I am not being given much time. Granted my first choice has not yet said anything else other than placing me on an ambiguous waitlist, they are my first choice. They can contact me the night before to offer me admission and I would take it without a second thought. Yet right now my only options are not ideal, so depending on this other school’s reply, I need to really consider things.

I am contemplating waiting another few days and then emailing. Honestly I hope they beat me to it.



So I am still waiting for grad schools to respond. Even though I have been accepted to one, it is my fourth choice, and my first choice just has me on an ambiguous waitlist. Haven’t heard anything from the other two. In the event that the waitlist turns into a rejection (altogether a good possibility), I am very much hoping for an acceptance from the other two while trying not to get too excited about anything. One of my friends just heard back from a school we both applied to; they have started responding which makes a bit hyper. ¬†As the weeks move along I am growing more impatient as if my impatience will reward me with some sort of positive response.

In attempting to distract/amuse myself I have devised a list of activities to undertake during the waiting process.


I have many cardigans, coats, skirts and clothing items in general that have been left unused simply because they are missing a button. Considering my sewing skills are nonexistent at best, figuring out how to reattach errant buttons should occupy a nice chunk of my time.

Basket Weaving

My cats love sleeping in baskets, and I don’t feel like I have enough (read: any). In an attempt to elevate the kitties’ standard of living, and simultaneously waste, er, I mean, productively spend some time, I shall use YouTube to learn the fine art of basketry.


I can’t imagine being prepared for any school without perfecting my cartwheels. In fact, I don’t think I can do a cartwheel, so this is more a matter of learning how rather than honing existing skills. Due to my lack of overall balance, coordination, and flexibility, if I don’t happen to land myself in the hospital I will have a wonderful new talent to put on my resume in the “Other Skills” section along with basket weaving and button sewing. You know, for that farmland homemaker position I have been dying for. And, should I fail miserably and land awkwardly on my first attempt (as if there is anything I don’t do awkwardly), then I can distract myself from the waiting process by getting my bones to mend while in bed. Everyone wins.

Candy Making

I do love baking, and candy is the best. Then I can either eat all of my candy and send myself into a sugar coma, waking up only upon receiving results, or I can save the candy to either console a rejection, or celebrate an acceptance. Maybe if I make enough candy I can do both.


This isn’t necessarily related to the waiting process – I just simply need more sleep. However, staying up late to compulsively check my email for a response is probably not helping anyone, especially myself, so sleeping should put an end to this.


This is actually a legitimate thing. I have wanted to make little origami swans for many years, and what better time to start than now? Besides, it might give my cats the illusion of bird hunting.

So, while I am creating all sorts of art projects bound to go awry, and bending myself all out of shape, time will pass, responses (for better or worse) will come, and in a few months from now I will be starting school again. All is well in Christeneland.