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A couple of people have been wondering why I have not posted anything new about grad school applications. The reason being there is nothing new to report. Everything is as it was before. However, today is April 1st, and I have not heard a single word from one of the schools, which is a little disconcerting. So far everyone has said either yes, or maybe, and they have not as much as acknowledged my existence. Considering that every school I applied to had some sort of problem with my application where a part of it went missing (transcripts twice, letters of recommendation once, and my writing sample as well), the fact that I have not heard from this school at all immediately got me at this point assuming that they must have lost my entire application. Of course that can’t be the case – I have a receipt stating it was submitted – but that is just how my brain works.

I am still refreshing GradCafe every few hours, and no one is mentioning them at all. This is a relief since I am not the only one, but I also looked at previous years and historically they have sent out their responses during the last two weeks of March. That was last week. So I am sitting here intently staring at my phone (because that is obviously the answer to everything), waiting for it to ring, buzz, vibrate, dance for me… whatever.

A friend suggested I email them to inquire about the application, but to me that just seems overly pushy. However, considering the national deadline for applicants to make all decisions is exactly two weeks from now, I am not being given much time. Granted my first choice has not yet said anything else other than placing me on an ambiguous waitlist, they are my first choice. They can contact me the night before to offer me admission and I would take it without a second thought. Yet right now my only options are not ideal, so depending on this other school’s reply, I need to really consider things.

I am contemplating waiting another few days and then emailing. Honestly I hope they beat me to it.

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