Remembering the 90’s

I just read an article Anna sent, titled 33 90’s Trends That, In Retrospect Maybe Weren’t Such A Great Idea.

Technically, anything from the past in retrospect wasn’t such a great idea. But I am currently still living in the 80’s for the most part, so what do I know?

Here is the list with my own commentary.

Wearing too much CK One.

Ok, I am guilty of this. Madonna’s Vogue just came out, and the whole male/female line got temporarily blurred. CK came out with the new fragrance that pretty much aggrandized the look, and next thing I knew I was bathing in the stuff.

T-Shirts with Looney Tunes characters.

Yes, I had one. It had Bugs Bunny on it, and I loved it.

JNCO Jeans with 50″ leg openings.

I don’t even know what these are.

Wearing golf visors when you weren’t golfing.

I remember this, and to my credit, I thought they were as dumb then as I do now. Unless you are golfing, then go right ahead.

Light-up LA Gears.

In the 90’s I was wearing stilettos. Still am. My kids now wear shoes that light up. They are little, so I am okay with it.

Turning your jeans into DIY bell bottoms.

I still do this. Sometimes.

Starter Jackets

I still don’t know what these are.

Baja hoodies.

This reminds me of Dillon from 91210. By the way, I loved that show.

Big Johnson shirts.


Bucket hats/bucket hats with Surge logos.

I know a man who still wears these. I am sure he looked just as fashionable back then.

Chaining Mossimo wallets to pants.

Yeah, I remember this. Thankfully this is no longer in style.

Peace frog shirts.

I don’t remember the peace frogs, but I do remember the peace teddybears. I would have liked to see some war teddybears. To even things out a bit.

Anything from Bugle Boy.

I actually had a pair of Bugle Boy pants that I made into cut off shorts.

Bowl cuts.

Yes, a lot of boys had these. They always reminded me of Spock.

Parting said Bowl cuts right down the center.

I actually found this better. If you are going to have one of those, please part it somehow.

Hard Rock Cafe Shirts.

I think these are still around.

Baggy shorts that went down to the shins.

Yeah, the boys from the 90’s are now fully grown men, and still sporting these. I am all for vintage wear, but really this is flattering to no one.

Stussy clothing.

I think I had Stussy clothing. Maybe.

Brightly colored raver gear.

In my defense, I look really good in bright colors.

The Goth style.

All the girls looked like they were auditioning for The Craft. I tried going Goth for a second. But the black lipstick totally clashed with my hot pink glittery disco pants.

Naked Shirt.

Yes. I remember these. I have found that most logo shirts aren’t that great to begin with, and these just further prove my point.

Chunky heeled high top sneakers.

High heeled sneakers were about the only time I got to wear sneakers if I wasn’t working out. I was experimenting.

Wearing your hat backwards and pulling a bit of hair out through the opening.

Brian Austin Green. Yes, another 90210 reference.

Wearing overalls over just one shoulder.

First of all, despite my many fashion faux pas moments over previous decades, I would never be caught dead in overalls. No.

Big dog shirts.

I have no idea what these are.

Tons of those little butterfly clips all over your head.

I still have them. I wear them sparingly, as in once every 5-10 years. I am saving them for my daughter.

Jeans with the waistband cut off so they were only kept up by the zipper.

I tried wearing these. Couldn’t keep them up.

Wearing multiple hemp bracelets.

I don’t know about the bracelets, but the necklaces were really in style. I tried wearing them, but they scratched my neck so when I took them off I looked like I had been hung by a noose. I eventually stopped wearing them.

Hyper color shirts.

You mean these went out of style?

Patterned vests.

Hrm… I am pretty sure I see people wear these occasionally. I am ambivalent towards them. If you can pull them off, good for you.

Big, goofy hats.

I am thinking the show Blossom. I personally cannot wear hats. They just don’t look good on me.

Tying your sweatshirt around your waist, even if you didn’t wear it.

Yes, the sweatshirt around the waist was a staple for me. I would wear it with leggings, leg warmers, high heeled shoes, and a work out top with the shoulders cut out. I was totally accessorizing. Think Donna from 90210. I was younger, and didn’t know any better.

Oddly enough, I don’t remember a lot of anything from the 2000’s. I think it is too soon to really look back. So, if this blog is still going ten years from now, I promise to offer my fashion commentary on the styles of the early 2000’s. In the meantime I have some text analysis that needs to happen.

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