Random Pictures

Today was good, especially in comparison to yesterday. My presentation went very well, and I got to meet a lot of very wonderful and brilliant people. I am not going to really talk about the conference since most of you who have been to conferences know what it is like, and for those of you who haven’t, well, my paltry description won’t really elucidate much.However, during one of the longer breaks I walked around a bit and took some fun pictures.

This was directly across the street from the conference.

I tried getting a close up of the tower….
I just like the way this building looks.
There was a park/sitting area down the street…. the autumn colors looked so beautiful.
This is a terrible picture, but this coffee shop was actually pretty cute.
I haven’t the slightest clue what these things are, but they reminded me of printing presses. Either way, this building had a bunch of them, and I had wanted to take pictures since yesterday… finally got a chance to do so as I was walking back to my car tonight.
Tomorrow I am going into actual Portland, so I should have more to share then.

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