I have never understand polygamy. I find the concept of several spouses quite confusing. I mean, what is a woman supposed to do with multiple husbands?

Isn’t one bad enough? Now you have several men trying to rule your life, telling you what you can and can’t do. Then you somehow become responsible for pleasing them. Each one comes with their own requirements and you must keep them in mind as you switch back and forth. Husband A likes it when you get dressed up, while Husband B prefers more natural looking women, and you haven’t yet figured out what Husband C wants. A is an engineer and expects you to hold conversations centered around the sciences, while B and C wish to discuss history and astrophysics respectively. One won’t eat fish, while the other is a vegetarian, and the third loves fried food.

You will be running yourself ragged maintaining several wardrobes that you change out of at least twice a day, while cooking five course meals to appease everyone and practically getting a third and fourth college education as you read entire libraries just to manage conversation during your five course meal.

Not to mention your wifely duties. It is hard enough to spend one man’s money, but now you have three (or more!) to contend with. There is only so much shopping a woman can do. And think of holidays and special occasions. If you have ever tried shopping for a man, you will know what I mean. They are impossible. Now you have several of them in your life, and you are left with a nagging suspicion that matching wallets just won’t do. You could of course rely on their interests to guide you, but at this point, between the cooking and reading and general shopping, you don’t really think you could keep them straight. Next thing you know you are buying a golf set for the wrong husband.

What about your gifts? What are you going to do with so much jewelry, perfume and candy? Besides, if they all pitch in for the wedding ring, chances are you won’t even be able to lift your hand off the table to eat the chocolate, much less cook all those dinners.

Speaking of chores, just imagine the laundry. As if washing all of it wasn’t difficult enough, you then have to figure out what goes into whose closet. Obviously you will have to start liking men who have the same build and then spend some of their money on identical outfits. They may all have different personalities and interests, but what is appears you are trying to do is make them all into one person. Which I suppose would defeat the purpose. This is why I have never understood polygamy. It just seems like too much trouble.


  1. Umm polygamy is when a MAN marries multiples WIVES not the other way around. Why don’t you research before writing something? That way you don’t sound stupid

  2. Obviously my research skills are not up to par. Thank you for informing me of this, otherwise I would have been unaware of my egregious error. How could I have been so stupid?

    1. And maybe you can read up on the powers of constructive criticism and using opportunities to teach instead of ways to boost your ego…then maybe u wont look like a fucking compassionless dick ass prick next time 😉 plz and thank u and and God bless the less than gentle spirits!

      1. My name is small no need for anonymity like you people like you are a dime dozen. I bet u couldn’t wait to actually find a topic u knew something about. Seriously guy..learn some tact and humility then start dropping ur huge flawless knowledge base. Ok through with this prick. Christine im sorry you had to be subjected to someone who lacks a moral compass or compassion. Ur a brilliant woman but I dont have to tell u that!!! *sickofprickswhohide*

        1. And furthermore reverse polygamy does exist…check ur research u wont look stupid or like a dick 😉

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