Oh Silliness…

I did such an amazing job hiding the kids’ Christmas gifts, I don’t remember where I put them. I feel like a squirrel. Running around, hiding nuts. Except squirrels have better memories. Do squirrel’s give each other nuts for Christmas? Maybe some pecans or cashews. Not the everyday fair. I could probably do some research on squirrel Christmas habits. Fascinating business. I bet people would be lining up to read that.
The big gifts are easy to find. They are oddly shaped, and placed just above the children’s eye levels. So basically I put everything on the coffee table. It is the small trinkets that give me trouble. I thought I was being very clever and inventive with my hiding spots. Apparently I was, and outsmarted myself.
I will now spend the next several hours scavenging my house. Knowing me I probably put stuffed everything just out of reach in the children’s closet.
Speaking of their closet, I stopped at Target on the way home. I went in for frozen pizza and accidentally ended up in the little girl’s clothing section. They had some adorable little dresses that would look very nice on Munchie. Unfortunately they were around $100, and I couldn’t justify spending that for something she will only wear once for a few hours.
Now, I know what you are thinking, women do that all the time. Yes, you are right. But we can justify the purchase because we can tell ourselves that we will wear it “all the time!” And there are no physical restraints preventing this from becoming reality. I can still fit into the dress I bought for Heather’s wedding four years ago. Have I worn it since? No. But if I want to wear it, I have that option. Little girl’s clothing is different. I cannot trick myself into believing that this dress “is totally worth it because it will get a lot of use.” In a few months Munchie will outgrow it. So basically I can’t delude myself into shopping.
However, I did see this:
There are two things wrong with this jacket. It is too big for Munchie. It is too small for me.
And I think I remember where I put the children’s gifts. I will need a ladder.

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