Necessity Breeds Sufficiency

Today I increased my self sufficiency by a smidgen of a notch.
A year and a half ago when I wrote this post about car seats Hubby was around all the time and I didn’t need to know anything about how these contraptions work other than getting the kids in and out of them. Even though Hubby has been away a lot recently, I still didn’t need to know. In between the times he left and the times he came back there was never any reason for me to learn how to install a car seat.
Today Munchie got car sick, and threw up in the car, and Hubby is out of town. I tried using Clorox wipes to clean out the car seat. It was one of those vain attempts, where you know what you are doing isn’t really helping, but you are really, really hoping. Half a roll of wipes later and I finally gave in. The car seat needed to come out.
I practically wrestled this thing out of the back seat of my car, climbing over it, into it, around it, straddling it. It was quite the circus. But I found all the little hooks, releases, and clasps. And actually figured out how to use them.
The car seat came out, and my car is clean. If Munchie hadn’t thrown up everywhere I may have never learned. I guess necessity really does breed sufficiency.

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