My Poor Back

I had plans for today. My back had other plans. Everything was fine when I woke up. Then, after the kids went to school I went on my run. Nothing out of the usual, just my normal route. I got back, got in the shower, and then my back went out. Again.

This doesn’t happen *too* often, but often enough. Usually though it is just minor back pain where I am hunched over for a few hours until the pain subsides into a tolerable dull throbbing. This is only the second time in the last two years where it got so bad I couldn’t move.

So I spent a large part of today laying on the floor on my back, starring at the ceiling. Most movement caused bursts of shooting pain through my nerves, so I only really tried when necessary. On the bright side my arms got a great work out since I used them to propel myself onto things. And I even got to practice my little army crawl on several occasions.

The only thing I could pretty much do was read. Except the book I am reading right now is really heavy and my arms got tired of holding it up above my head while I continued laying flat on my back. It is not even a big book, just hardcover. I am pretty sure I am going to be feeling this tomorrow.

Then Tanya came over and there was yogurt and coffee involved. This was so far the highlight of my day.

Several heating pads and hot showers later I am able to sit up, and I can sort of walk. Not in any completely upright position, but at least get from one room to another without pretending I am in a war zone enemy camp.

Of course tomorrow is Ducky’s birthday party, and I was planning on making his duck cake tonight. We will see. I will try. He may end up with a store bought cake.

At least being in this much pain on my son’s birthday is appropriately ironic. I was in similar and worse pain exactly two years ago. So I guess I should be thankful this is not as bad.

The kids want me to pick them up and don’t understand why I can’t. Last time I told them I was hurt they got pretty freaked out, so I don’t want to scare them. Especially considering how unpredictable everything is. One minute I am sort of hobbling around and the next I am on the floor immobile. I think they need to go and spend some quality time with daddy tonight.

And I think I need to go spend a little more quality time with the floor. Ugh….

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