My Feet Are Confused

I finally gave in. I know it is January, but it is hot outside, so the boots went on a temporary hiatus. Basically I got tired of coming home a sweaty mess. I went to Mary’s house the other day where we had a lovely picnic in her living room (pictures to come on Wordless Wednesday), and this is what I wore:
Yes, those are capris, and sandals on my feet. Since no one has seen my feet in months I figured I didn’t need a pedicure. I was banking on Mary no analyzing my toes, so I shoved them in the shoes, and went.
Seeing as how it isn’t going to get cold again any time soon, and sandals might stick around for a bit, I got a pedicure today. The place I usually go to was closed when I got there (they are a very tiny salon and the lady closes pretty much whenever she wants). Since this has happened a few times now, I have found a back-up salon. It is bigger and more expensive, but in a pinch it will do.
One of my biggest complaints about my usual spot was that they never had enough colors to pick from. In fact I think I have more nail polishes in my bathroom than they have in their entire establishment. But it has been so long since I have been to a big place I was practically overwhelmed. The lady told me to pick a color and I found myself staring at the wall-size display of every shade imaginable. It took me longer to pick a color than the actual pedicure lasted.
At first I wanted something fun and Springy, but quickly had to remind myself it is not Spring. So, despite the weather, I got something Wintery and broody.

Yes, those are my creepy little feet, making their debut. The color is that of an angry ocean.

And of course with my luck the temperatures will plummet over the next few days and it will be boot season once again.

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