Missing Life Before Multiple Kids



After giving birth to my daughter I did not really miss life before kids. I still don’t. I read all the blogs about how some women miss having no children. They miss the life and freedom they used to have. I never felt any of that the first time around. I love having my daughter, and I love the way our family functions.

Now I am eight months pregnant with our son. I am already feeling a pang of things I am going to miss from before giving birth to a second child. We have a system and routine with our daughter that we have grown accustomed to and will surely change with the arrival of a new baby. This is not to say we won’t find another routine that will incorporate our newest addition, but I know this will take a while, and in the interim things will be different.

I was beginning to get used to not making baby bottles, and slowly putting away all of the baby things. Now all of our baby paraphernalia is coming back. Some of it I don’t mind, and a lot of it is very cute. What I dread is the formula and baby bottles (once I am no longer breastfeeding).
Our daughter goes to bed like clockwork for the most part, and having to sleep train another one seems very daunting. I have this idea that because our daughter was/is such a little angel we are going to get a complete hell raiser this time around to make up for it. I know this is completely irrational, but nevertheless I fear these things.

When our daughter was only a few months old she started cooperating with us on levels that would make most parents want to lynch us. This makes me feel that as a mom I am a bit spoiled now and having to deal with an unruly child may be a complete shock. But for the most part, aside from my own foolish what-ifs, I am pretty ecstatic about our newest bundle of joy making his appearance soon. Who knows, maybe lightening does strike twice.

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