I am currently trying to piece everything together. It is slow, but coming along. There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle that somehow need to fit together and it takes a lot of planning. I think I have found a solution to one part, and then I realize it doesn’t work with another part. The logistics of everything are very confusing.

I think my upcoming trip next weekend will help me clear my head and figure everything out. I remember the first time I ever went to San Francisco. The first night I spent there. I stayed in an old Victorian style house converted into a hotel, much like the one that Tanya had her wedding in. It was lovely, but adjacent to railroad tracks or something. The entire thing shook all through the night. I was terrified.

The very next day I moved to the Holiday Inn that overlooked the giant pyramid like building. I still don’t know what that building is, but I love it. Maybe this time I will go there and find out.

It was late August, but very cold. I wanted to go swimming on the roof top. I did, but only for a little bit. These things I am sure happened. The rest, having been there so many times over the years, are blurred. I remember things, but I don’t know which trip it was. Sometimes I superimpose the memories, and they all drift into each other. It is like a panorama that encapsulates all of my visits, not distinguishing between years and times.

The only other time I have definite memories of was for Tanya’s wedding. It was beautiful. And it was a very busy week. We split our time between Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco. Busy, busy week.

I remember grocery shopping at Piedmont’s. And getting coffee at the Whole Foods down the street. Peet’s at every corner.

Book stores and whimsical shops. Beautiful architecture, and plenty of things to discover. I can’t wait.

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