Kings Excitement Over Stanley Cup

I am not a huge sports fan. In fact, a few weeks ago when the Kings really started getting attention I had to stop and ask my husband what sport the Kings play. I have been hearing more and more about them over the last week, and honestly, my excitement didn’t peak until last night, when once again, I had to rely on Facebook updates to figure out what the big excitement was about. One friend posted “Kings gonna take the cup!!” In my head I yelled “Cup of what??” As you can imagine, I wasn’t a ticket holder to any of the games. But as the excitement was building up, I realized this isn’t about sports. I mean, it is, ultimately about sports. There is a game, and there is a winner and all that. But really the excitement was about a story.
Everyone was excited because of what the victory would mean in terms of the larger Kings story. My husband would call these people fair-weather fans. But to me, it is not about being a fan. Yes they just won the championship, and it is thrilling and exciting, but honestly, as far as the sport is concerned, I am still not buying tickets.
The Kings’ victory last night was the equivalent of the Cubs winning that one big baseball game at the end of the season. Playoffs? Help me out here folks. Something that has not happened in decades. Something that may not happen again in decades.
As I was driving to work this morning and I was hearing story after story about the game I grasped why I was starting to pay attention. The testimonials from the people who were at the game, and the quotes and interviews with the actual players were so emotional because they realized they were witnessing history. This was a historical moment folks. This may never happen again. And on top of everything, it happened out of nowhere. Or at least that is what this guy says. More or less. Again, not really getting the sports talk, but seriously, a pretty good article if you are new to this. Or if you are not new to this. Then it is even better.
I haven’t cared this much about sports since the Dodgers/Yankees game a few years back. I may actually start getting into this. Probably not though.
How did you feel when you found out the Kings won the cup?

P.S. Hubby just told me that this is more akin to the Angels winning the baseball trophy as opposed to the Cubs. Because apparently there is a huge difference between winning again after 100 plus years, and never having won before at all.


  1. It also was about the fact that this Kings team struggled all regular season to score goals. They needed all 81 games to actually make it so the playoffs. Once they were in the playoffs they made history. Winning all but one road game and starting each series 3-0. It wasnt as if the Kings got lucky in route to the Cup. They literally beat 3 of the top seeded teams in the entire league let alone the playoffs in order to win it.

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