40 Weeks Of Pregnancy – Week 11

Welcome to this week’s installment of the pregnancy edition. If you need a refresher of any of our previous weeks, scroll to the bottom. Otherwise, this week we are looking at…
Week 11
Medically, your little sea monkey is now considered a fetus. I a totally not going to even get into the whole when a baby becomes a baby thing because that is absolutely not what this post, or series, is about. The first sentence of this paragraph was solely a statement in regards to my limited medical knowledge.
You are pregnant. You feel pregnant. You act pregnant. You think pregnant. But you still don’t look pregnant. Even if there is a small bump developing, unless someone knows you are preggers, it looks like you have just been having a few too many girl scout cookies. If this is your first you are most likely in a huge rush to start proudly parading your protruding belly. Trust me, it will happen. This is just like that time when you were little and couldn’t wait to get your period because you thought it meant you were a big girl, and then you got it only to find out how much it sucks. Yeah, it just like that that. Except this time there are a lot of beautiful and wonderful things that come with pregnancy and that you will get to experience. Unlike your period that brings no good. Unless you count your pregnancy due to your period as good. In which case they are all connected, and I have left the original topic so far behind…
So, back to week 11 events. All the hormones (notice how I like to blame everything on all the hormones) can start causing you headaches. These headaches will come and go, and will be of varying intensities. Whenever I got headaches I would first try drinking some water. If that did nothing, I would eat a little food. Typically the main causes of headaches are dehydration and/or hunger. If possible I would also try laying down. If none of these things helped I would take a Tylonol. Ask your doctor before taking anything, even though Tylonol is generally safe for everyone. You know what is not safe? Aspirin. Aspirin and Tylonol are not the same thing. You should absolutely not take any aspirin while pregnant. It could kill your baby.
Everything else in pregnancy land is progressing much as before. Hang in there, the first trimester is almost done. If you want to see what you have missed, I have included links to all the previous posts from this series.

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