It Took A Year to Fix My Hair

This isn’t really a post, just me talking to you, because, well, I feel like it… and tonight I have a lot of actual work and studying to do, so I won’t be able to blog then. And a few of you requested that I take a break from the Nietzsche, except that is kind of what I am into right now… so um… I will just talk to you about my hair instead.

Around this time last year I got a perm. Needless to say (for those of you who don’t remember), it didn’t go so well. After I got the perm I spent a lot of time hiding the perm, which involved hair straighteners, all sorts of products, and extra time in the morning. I took moderately unruly hair and made it even more so. A woman’s dream come true.

With my last hair cut a few weeks ago I lopped off the last of the damaged, burned, permed, frizzy mess, and my hair is back to normal. I had forgotten what it is like to take a shower, brush my hair and that be the end of it. No more product (okay, just a little product), no more straightener, and more time in the morning.

If I ever get the idea to do something permanent to my hair again, please slap me.

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