Is There Somewhere Else You Could Be Right Now?

I love it when people tell me I shouldn’t be in school because I have children. Because that totally makes sense, right? No, that was a trick question. The answer is no. Aside from doing something I love, there is also a better, and perhaps less selfish reason. When I grow up, how am I supposed to educate my children if I don’t first educate myself? I am not saying children of parents who weren’t formally educated can’t have educated children. And I am also not saying that education is for everyone. I am just saying that it is for me, and I hope to impart some of that upon my children.
Already at the age of two and a half my daughter understands school is important. When Ducky doesn’t want to wake up in the morning, Munchie goes over to his crib and tells him that he has to get up for school. “You have to go to school Ducky!”
Also, when Ducky cries for me and I am not there in the evening, Munchie explains to him that “mommy is at school Ducky. Don’t cry, this is good.” See, even my two year old knows. And understands.
My children will have no cognizant memory of any of this later on, and won’t know that I wasn’t there in the evening. So the answer to “shouldn’t you be home with your children right now” is yes, but I am doing something I love, which also happens to be important. Oh, and mind your own business.

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