For Sean

I see what you did to your class in class with class. Do you need a tell to tell which trope I am using? In your handout you told them you wanted literary examples. Those who didn’t do it were punished to set an example. They didn’t make the grade, so they were graded down. I shall earn my keep by keeping you entertained.

I know, in theory, according to your assignment, I was also supposed to use Theory. Well, I have my own theory on that.
Still no examples, but I did find a picture of a figure I figured you would want to picture. I found nothing on Google, but before going to close the window, I found something close. To question what I found, I have a question for you: If two words are spelled the same, but pronounced differently, would you pronounce them Antanaclasis? If so, then I might have an exemplary exemplary.
If you are still here, here is a light definition of Antanaclasis: from the Greek “to reflect light” or “bend against,” it is now used to shift meaning. And I will bend my energies to finding samples for you to sample. I hope you don’t mind, but I didn’t spend too much time on what it means. Just keep in mind the second time a word is used, my means for using it have shifted.
In case you want three case studies, and you are want for them, I have found three texts, which I was going to text to you, but I thought it would be better if I spent the better part of the day taking part in writing this instead. After all, words can make you smart. Oh yes, words can smart.
Alright fine already, my fine findings are all ready.
They may sound silly, but they are sound.
I find the very first one is very easy. To make it harder I will let you find it.
I am sorry, I tried to locate them all within one work, but it was trying, and it didn’t work. However, if you follow the links you will see they are still somewhat linked.
I will count on you to be able to count with me.
I wanted to keep this post short, so I am short on pictures. Besides, I did not find any fitting ones that would fit within the page borders.
In a way, I am having way too much fun with this. Much like you must have had when you conceived it. Trying to find examples for you, I read an article that maintained I could maintain this indefinitely with all words except articles. I assume I could assume such a task, but in the end I would rather end, at the end.

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