I Will Not Be Writing About This

I just had an amazing idea for a blog post after reading an online article. Then as I started writing it, I realized that my sarcasm is often times hit or miss. Sometimes its funny (depends who you ask), other times odd (same thing), and this time I think it will be a total miss and I will just end up unintentionally offending a lot of people.

And considering how many people were upset yesterday after I posted that my children don’t have a Christmas tree (seriously calm yourselves!), I am not sure I want to take that chance.

Also, I do have to mention that it is pretty hilarious that that is what everyone got upset about. Of all the crazy things I blog about, and silly Twitter and Facebook posts I make each day, you all angrily message and email about a tree? Really? Well, whatever. I personally will not be investigating other people’s homes to see if they have all their proper paraphernalia displayed for the holidays.

Anyway, back to the post that I won’t be writing. Here is the link to the article that inspired the post. If anyone finds it terribly offensive… well, I didn’t write it. Enjoy!

P.S. My post had nothing to do with poor people. It was an inspiration in style, not content.


  1. How *dare* you not have a Christmas tree! You’re going to make white Jesus cry. What, were you born in a communist country or something? Oh, wait…never mind 😀

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