Does Your Child Wear This?

A couple of years ago I bought a baseball jersey for my husband. It cost a lot, but it was well worth it. He loves it and wears it to all the games, and on special game days. My husband is a huge baseball fan, and I can only imagine how much he would love to see our kids decked out in baseball gear, especially for his favorite team.
However, baby and small child jerseys, onesies, and t-shirts cost almost as much as adult sized ones. I can justify splurging a bit on something I know my husband will enjoy for several years to come, but I cannot fathom spending the same money for a onesie or jersey my kids will wear for a few weeks or months before they grow out of it. Not to mention, they will only wear these items a handful of times within these few months, making the purchase even more regrettable.

As much as I would love to see them surprise daddy wearing his favorite team’s jersey, I am torn about it. Do you buy sporting outfits for your small ones?

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