Dear Friends…

UPDATE: Hubby just informed me that this post sounds very bitter and angry, and it was probably much more funny in my head than on paper. Maybe so. In fact, probably. But I assure you the following post was intended solely for entertainment purposes, and should be read as comedy. Disclaimer over.

Dear friends,
I have been meaning to tell you this, and looking for a nice way to put it. I have not found any, so I am just going to say it. It is your fault I am not more creative (which is probably why I could not find a better way of putting it, because I am not creative enough).
I sense you are currently gasping right now, shocked at my accusation. I wish it weren’t true, but unfortunately for all of us, it is. Whenever I have extra time (which is not often, and by “extra” I mean when I am slacking off on something else more productive that I could be doing), I like to read others’ blogs. Especially the funny ones.
In reading some of these wonderful blogs I noticed a pattern. A lot of them quote conversations they have had with friends, and go off from the witty and whimsical things their friends said to write the rest of the posts. So it goes to follow that my posts are not funny because my friends don’t say enough entertaining things. How can I write creative posts when you guys don’t give me any material to work with?
While Triciais off bribing squirrels, I am waiting for my cats to stage a coup (I will take anything I can get). In the meantime, feel free to follow my boring blog. Since I may have just lost several friends, and therefore further depleted the material jar, this blog is only going to get worse. Which I guess can be comical in and of itself.
Since you are my friend, I urge you to start being more funny. Otherwise we can’t be friends anymore. I hope you will understand.
Most Sincerely,

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