Change Can Be Good

Last summer I got my hair permed. It didn’t go as planned (total understatement), and I am still working on undoing the damage. By this I mean I am straightening my hair on a regular basis to mask the perm. Brilliance on my part.

I typically undergo drastic changes as a means of cleansing and renewal. That is how I ended up with red hair several years back. This summer I was once again tempted to do something different. Even though the red hair actually turned out quite nicely and I have never regretted it, I thought about the perm and decided that before I undergo some monstrous metamorphosis I should be more careful. Granted I have never (and will never) do anything permanent to myself, some of my choices have had long lasting unwanted effects.

After some deliberation I came up with the most innocuous solution. So far I am loving it. If I continue feeling this way, then I can perhaps prolong it, and it will be my tiny joy. If I decide it is more of a hassle than it is worth,it is the epitome of reversible and no harm has been done. I am quite pleased.

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