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Wordless Wednesday

Mary made delicious pancakes…
We walked to Starbucks…
Stopped by Hannah’s for a bit on Saturday evening….
This is a cork… it is adorable, and showing this picture to Tanya has sent her on a raid of Target….
I just like my new bracelet and wanted to share….
Saturday night, after Hannah’s, I took Tanya out…
Powdered Sugar Pound Cake scented… delicious!

Welcome Westley!

In the middle of the night last night, at 2:13 a.m. Tanya gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Westley.

Congratulations, Love!
Despite having gone to the hospital, (and will be going back not long from now), I have yet to see more than a few pictures of him, he is in the NICU. He is fine, just a couple of things that required precautionary measures, and when it comes to tiny babies, precautions are good. Hopefully I will get to meet him within the next twenty four hours.
Heaven knows we have all waited long enough to meet him.
In a month or two, when his immune system is all healthy, I will bring my kids over to meet their new little “cousin.”
Just to note, my daughter is born on my dad’s birthday, and Tanya, who is like my sister, had her son on my mom’s birthday. Interesting.
Also, yes, it is my mother’s birthday today, and no, I am not ignoring her, she will get her own blog post in just a second (even though she totally ditched me today to go to Palm Springs with her friends!).
In the meantime, here are a few pics of little Westley.
Awww… she looks so happy!
Casey with his new son…
P.S. Tanya, you are going to make an amazing mother!
P.P.S. If ever in doubt, just remember, you couldn’t possibly screw your kid up more than I have done to mine. I pelted my son with stuffed animals, and as a result he is terrified of spiders. Just keep that in mind.