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Tips For Moving

When moving, there are certain things you need to take into consideration. If any of you are planning on moving in the future, you should know there are guidelines. I know not everyone can move with as much fanfare and pizzazz but hopefully this list will provide you with points to strive for.

In no particular order:

1. Before even beginning the moving process, make sure you are up to the task and test your patience. Park your truck/van/moving vehicle in the driveway, leave the engine running, exit the vehicle, and lock the door. This will also provide you with plenty of time to do any last minute packing while waiting for AAA.

2. Drop every item you are moving at least once. Preferably on your own feet. I recommend boxes of books for this task. Although dishes work well too. Repeat the process when unloading – you know, for practice.

3. When measuring your new space for furniture buying purposes, don’t worry about the door. Then, order furniture that doesn’t fit through your door unless you start removing pieces of it.

4. After you have dismantled furniture that was never intended to come apart, forget where all the pieces go. Then you and your moving buddies can have a fun jigsaw puzzle to work on.

5. Break as many dishes, cups, and glasses as you can. You want to make sure your kitchen is trendy and matching sets are totally overrated. Isn’t shabby chic in right now?

6. Forgot to order Internet services? Don’t fret, because you don’t need it. The Internet is completely useless. Besides, the Starbucks down the street has some. Right?

7. Break as many things in the new place as you can manage in the first few hours. Security deposit? What’s that?

8. Every time you leave your new home, leave your keys on the kitchen counter. This is the best way for management to get to know you. It is important to make friends.

9. There is no better way of getting to know your new neighborhood than forgetting where you parked your car each time you have to run out for something.

10. Before memorizing your new address try ordering food. When the man on the phone asks for said address, run out into the street like a lunatic trying to figure out where you are.

11. Spend all day putting dishes, books, and clothes away. You can always worry about setting up your bed afterwards. Besides, nothing will motivate you more than an intense desire to sleep.

12. Keep in mind that the things you use most are usually at the top (of counters, drawers, etc.) and thus will end up at the bottom of boxes. Don’t change this. It will help you unpack much faster.

13. Don’t organize anything. Moving is an organic process that should flow uninhibited by contrived plans and schemes. Everyone who you have recruited to help will thank you for the magical experience.

Am I missing anything? No? Alright then… Off you go…


As Moving Gets Closer

During my adult life I have never lived in a city. Moving day is fast approaching and I feel like a deer caught in headlights. I am going to start from scratch, after many years, in an environment I am for the most part unfamiliar with.Today I was in the kitchenware aisle. I have almost nothing. I stared at everything for what seemed an eternity. Ten years worth of kitchen-stuff accrual. Gone. Except I, ironically, get to keep most of everything that was a wedding present. I have three different types of salt and pepper shakes and grinders. I am well equipped should anyone need salt or pepper. Need utensils? Sorry, can’t help you there.

But it is not all bad. I am excited. I get to pick out whichever plates I want. I can get creative with my decor. I can wash dishes however I like. My pots and pans will no longer have restrictions.

I don’t know where the grocery store is. Yes, I know, I can search for things online. But I mean, as of right now, I have no idea where the grocery store is. What if there there is no Fresh and Easy? Will I have to stop by the one in Northridge instead? Is there one closer?

At least I don’t have to worry about traffic. I work off hours. What does that mean? No one is driving to or from the city before 6 in the morning or after 8 in the evening. Except maybe on the weekends, but then I don’t have to drive.

I do have to worry about parking. Basically this place has the worst parking arrangement. Ever. Even for residents. It is in an amazing neighborhood, and no one will ever want to come visit me because of the parking problem.

Is there a Target around? Of course there has to be, they are everywhere. But where? Where do I go to get all of my children things?

I have gone there several times now and walked around, drove around, and generally investigated, but I am not sure where the utilitarian things are. Actually, I still have to use google map directions to get around. The other day a friend asked where it is. I said 3rd and… um… um… yeah… I don’t know my own cross streets.

I know I will figure it all out. In the meantime it helps to know I can rely on the places in the valley that I am familiar with. Yes, grocery shopping 30 miles from my house isn’t ideal, but I can make it work. I can make anything work.

Sure, I don’t know where the closest gas station to my new place is, but I did find a piano bar not too far away that looks pretty interesting. And one of my friends said she is excited to go there with me next weekend. After I get back from Cambria.

New Place

I have an apartment! Granted I initially (naively) thought I would have moved by now, not realizing how much more complicated a move would be than in the past. A lot of different things had to happen, that I have been feverishly working on. When I first started my search I had found several places I would have gladly moved into, but unfortunately I was not in the position to do that yet. Today I signed the contract.

I took pictures, but for my own reference. I have seen so many apartments I was afraid I would forget what this one looked like before I made it to the end of the block. There are still people living there until the end of the month, so I feel weird posting pictures of someone else’s apartment with all of their stuff.

I also inadvertently saved them a lot of money. The woman painted some of the walls in accent colors, and now they were going to lose their deposit for it. I said it was sad to hear that, and asked if the management could perhaps not repaint the place since it is in good condition, and I really like the colors. Turns out since I requested that, they get their deposit back, the management doesn’t have to paint, and I get pretty walls. Everyone wins!

I will be moving shortly before midterms, and then the following week I will be going to Portland for five days for my conference, giving me very little time to get settled in. Between taking care of my kids, going to work, grading, putting things away, going out of town, more grading, and exploring my new neighborhood, October is going to be a very busy month.

Speaking of which, there are like 5000 coffee and pastry shops not far from my new place. I am currently planning on spending the week of October 14th in a self inflicted caffeine and sugar coma. I am penciling it in right now.

As much as I wish I could move tomorrow, I think it is for the best it took a little longer. Far too many things have happened in too short a time and I have been running around insanely putting it all together. And I am tired.

Besides, I can’t move tomorrow, I will be in Solvang.