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40 Weeks of Pregnancy – Week 27

It is Monday! That means it is time for another installment of my week by week pregnancy guide. If you want to catch up with previous weeks, scroll to the bottom.
Week 27
When exactly the second trimester is over can be debated by several sources. However, everyone can agree that this week is the absolute latest you can claim to still be in your second trimester. As you come to the close of this week you will start feeling more tired, no longer being able to sustain the energy jolts you were having throughout the second trimester. For those of you who never had those energy jolts, you won’t feel any changes in this regard.
Should you go into labor early, you will have a wonderful preemie. Very, very few babies don’t make it when born from this point forward. Your belly is going to really start expanding now (as if it hasn’t been doing this the whole time). If you are getting a last trimester ultrasound (I didn’t the second time around), then you can totally see the baby. If you trying to figure out the gender, and your little one hasn’t posed properly yet, this may be your last chance. Some women I know have opted for the 3D ultrasounds. They are pretty interesting. But I didn’t go in for one because, one, my tech was verycertain of the sex each time, and two, I didn’t want to spend the money since I would be seeing the real thing in just a few months. But if you can afford it, it really nice, so go for it!
I am hoping you have told your work by now that you will be going on maternity leave. If you haven’t, I am pretty sure they have guessed. So this would be a good time to really start setting into motion your maternity leave plans. Who will cover you? Will your work be divided amongst other co-workers? Who is taking over what? The last thing you want to come back to after at least six weeks of being out is a giant pile of work and everyone saying “Oh, I thought so and so was doing that.” Do you perform any duties that are specific to you and others are unfamiliar with? If so, leave a direction sheet as to how it is supposed to get done.
You definitely want to start on all the prep work now. I remember it took me months to compile a binder that would help everyone while I was gone. Also, keep in mind, at this point labor can pretty much happen whenever. So it may happen earlier than you had originally planned. I went into labor a week and a half early with Munchie, and about a week early with Ducky (although I had wished it had been earlier with him).
If you have had a smooth pregnancy thus far, chances are not a whole lot will start going wrong all of a sudden. But if you have had a few bumps in the road (pun totally intended), then there may be a chance your doctor will put you on early bed rest, meaning you will be going on leave earlier than planned whether the baby has arrived or not. Some women chose to take leave before their due date. I literally went into labor at work with Munchie, and finished out my day before going home, running errands, making dinner, and going to the hospital at 10 p.m. And yes, I knew I was in labor, but by God I was going to wrap everything up before the baby was born!
Also, are you even going back to work? Around this time a lot of women are starting to consider not returning to work when they had previously not thought about this option. Obviously there are many factors that contribute to the final decision, like your financial situation, your desire for a career, your personality type, and numerous others. Take some time and really think about it. Talk to your significant other if they are in the picture, or your friends. Do your research.
And enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, because by the end of this week you are officially starting your third and final trimester!
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40 Weeks Of Pregnancy – Week 13

It is Monday, which means another installment of the pregnancy guide edition. Today we will be talking about Week 13. If you have missed past weeks, scroll to the bottom to check them out!
Week 13
Yes, you are really having a baby! It may just be sinking in right now, and the realization can be very exciting, but a tinge stressful. That is okay, babies are a huge deal and your are entitled to a little agonizing. If this is not your first you have a whole different slew of things to think about. But overall, I am sure you are super excited. Not only are you closer to bringing your bundle home, but you are staring to feel better too.
Once the nausea starts to subside your appetite will be coming back. And it is most likely coming back with a vengeance. You will start to have cravings. Not all pregnant women crave the cliché pickles and ice cream. My cravings were all perfectly normal, meaning it is was the same stuff I was eating before ever getting pregnant. I was just craving more of it, and at odd intervals. Yours may be the same. However, this does not mean you should indulge every craving. You are not eating for two. You should be consuming only about 150 calories extra per day at this point, which does not justify half a dozen donuts and a six dollar burger. I am sure your doctor will say the same thing, and just to make sure ask him about it.
We all know about maternity leave. You have probably been thinking about it since the day you found out you were pregnant. If you haven’t told your boss yet, I am sure it is on your to-do list. What you may not have thought about is paternity leave. Yes, fathers are entitled to leave as well. Unless you have a horrible time giving birth with all sorts of complications and whatnot, it probably does not make sense for your husband to take more than a week or two off. If you don’t have a husband, or significant other, you will probably want to enlist someone to help you at least those first few days. Walking may be difficult, especially if this is your first, and more so if you had a episiotomy. Think about who is going to help you those days, and how you need that help. It is never too soon to start thinking about it as the time will go before you know it and not everyone can change their schedules, particularly their work schedules, last minute.
With all that said and done, relax. Even with the subsidence of some of your worst symptoms, being tired doesn’t go away. Take naps when possible, and enjoy being pregnant.
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Five Things Maternity Leave Taught Me

Yesterday was the last day of my maternity leave, and I cannot help but reflect on the last six weeks. Spending time with my newborn baby, and his older sister was nothing short of amazing. Having had my daughter in daycare since she was six weeks old (she is currently seventeen months old) I missed out on her growing up. While spending time with our newest addition I got to catch up with her as well. I also got to learn things about her, our new baby, and myself.
1.       They really do grow up too fast
I cannot believe my son is already six weeks old today. I swear I just gave birth a few days ago. Six weeks ago? Really??? My itsy bitsy baby now weighs twelve pounds?
2.       Nursing is very relaxing
You would think I would have learned this with my daughter, but back then I was a newbie and I was too concerned with doing everything “right” to stop and just simply enjoy having my baby next to me, doing all sorts of cute things while feeding.
3.       It is okay if your kid starts crying
I used to be terrified of running errands with my daughter when she was a newborn in case she started crying in public and then everyone would think I am a bad mother. Now, I am not saying it is okay to allow your kids to have a complete melt down while you are at the grocery store, but a little sniffling, whining and general complaining in public can be okay. Your children are not little angels regardless of what you keep telling yourself. Mine are not little angels either. If I plan on ever getting anything done, I need to come to terms with this fact.
4.       I am still me
Just because I have a baby and a seventeen months old does not mean I am now relegated to be chained to my children with no time for myself in sight. Of course time to myself is now far shorter and more sporadic, but it exists, and I savor it when I get it. Spending twenty four hours a day with my children for the past six weeks helped me realize that the couple of hours I got to myself on Saturdays was indeed a time to indulge but spend wisely. I would think of all the things I wanted to do, and then come up with the one thing I REALLY wanted to do. It was almost like finding myself all over again.
5.       Getting dressed up is optional
I cannot count the times my daughter and I had pajama days in the past few weeks. Before having children I could not fathom even getting the mail without first donning a cute outfit. Then after having my daughter I relaxed a bit, but still required quite some maintenance to even make it to the grocery store. Then the second came around. A splash of make-up and clean clothes is all I require now. Flip flops will suffice.
What are some of your maternity stories?