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40 Weeks Of Pregnancy – Week 13

It is Monday, which means another installment of the pregnancy guide edition. Today we will be talking about Week 13. If you have missed past weeks, scroll to the bottom to check them out!
Week 13
Yes, you are really having a baby! It may just be sinking in right now, and the realization can be very exciting, but a tinge stressful. That is okay, babies are a huge deal and your are entitled to a little agonizing. If this is not your first you have a whole different slew of things to think about. But overall, I am sure you are super excited. Not only are you closer to bringing your bundle home, but you are staring to feel better too.
Once the nausea starts to subside your appetite will be coming back. And it is most likely coming back with a vengeance. You will start to have cravings. Not all pregnant women crave the cliché pickles and ice cream. My cravings were all perfectly normal, meaning it is was the same stuff I was eating before ever getting pregnant. I was just craving more of it, and at odd intervals. Yours may be the same. However, this does not mean you should indulge every craving. You are not eating for two. You should be consuming only about 150 calories extra per day at this point, which does not justify half a dozen donuts and a six dollar burger. I am sure your doctor will say the same thing, and just to make sure ask him about it.
We all know about maternity leave. You have probably been thinking about it since the day you found out you were pregnant. If you haven’t told your boss yet, I am sure it is on your to-do list. What you may not have thought about is paternity leave. Yes, fathers are entitled to leave as well. Unless you have a horrible time giving birth with all sorts of complications and whatnot, it probably does not make sense for your husband to take more than a week or two off. If you don’t have a husband, or significant other, you will probably want to enlist someone to help you at least those first few days. Walking may be difficult, especially if this is your first, and more so if you had a episiotomy. Think about who is going to help you those days, and how you need that help. It is never too soon to start thinking about it as the time will go before you know it and not everyone can change their schedules, particularly their work schedules, last minute.
With all that said and done, relax. Even with the subsidence of some of your worst symptoms, being tired doesn’t go away. Take naps when possible, and enjoy being pregnant.
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