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What To Do…

This isn’t so much a post as me thinking… I guess you can say aloud… I have found blogging helps me figure stuff out. Part of it is writing it out so I get a better picture, and then then there are all the Facebook comments and emails that help me sort through things as well.

I am still lesson planning away, but I have been less diligent about it this week. I have been telling myself that it is okay not to work every spare minute while I am on vacation. But really I am just trying to make up my mind. When I outlined the gist of the course I may have gone a bit overboard on the Chaucer segment, and as I was getting into the details of it I realize I have way more than just a 3 hour lecture. So I am not sure if I should cut the segment down, or cross off Sartre’s Nausea and extend the Chaucer segment instead. I can’t really continue with the lesson planning until I decide whether I want to expand or not.

I thought Sartre would work well with Camus… but maybe I can do what I did this semester, and simply make mention of Sartre’s work in the Camus lecture.

Right now what I have for the Chaucer lecture is part of Fragment I and X, meaning the General Prologue and the Parson’s Tale with the Retraction. I make brief mention of the other parts of Fragment I, but don’t go into too much detail. I would love to put in the Wife’s Prologue and the Merchant’s Tale, but I can’t see doing all of that in one sitting. Not to mention that while I may be able to gloss over it in lecture, I can’t expect my students to do that much reading in one week. Originally I was also going to include the Clerk’s Tale and Franklyn’s Tale in there, but I thought better of it (like I said, I may have gotten a bit over zealous). But even with cutting the latter out, I still feel like it is too much.

So really I am just trying to figure out if I should take out Sartre for The Wife’s Prologue and Merchant’s Tale. Hrm…