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Having Fun With Daddy

In our house, Daddy is the fun one. Mommy puts the kids to bed, makes them eat their veggies, tells them not to play with this, that and the other, takes them to school, and generally makes them do all the things they “need” to do. Daddy plays with them, makes funny voices, chases them around the house and is, for lack of a better term, the “fun” one.
It used to make me sad because I felt I was not a good parent. So, I tried being the fun one too, but honestly, I realized Daddy is just better at it. He does it just right, and elicits all sorts of squeals and giggles from our children. I realized that that is just how our roles would be, and I have accepted it. As I draw their baths and make sure they have all their stuff together for the next day, Daddy chases them around the living room as the tickle monster.
This does not mean I am a bad parent. I give them what they need in a different way. I see to their basic living needs and teach them important lessons so they don’t hurt themselves and learn proper manners. This is not to say my husband does not do these things too. It is just more difficult for him because our children perpetually see him as the “fun” one, making it difficult when he needs to get serious with them.
I suppose this means we both have our woes. When Hubby tried putting our daughter to bed the other night all she wanted to do was play. She associates Daddy with playtime and could not see him in the bedtime role. At least it is comforting to know that between the two of us our kids have everything.
Who is the “fun” one in your family?