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There are a lot of things to be excited about this week. I am rereading a great book, and since I will be teaching it, I am really reading it, getting into it, analyzing like never before, researching each and every reference, cross referencing everything, and drawing all sots of conclusions.

Then, later this week I will be having Ducky’s birthday party. It will be a small affair, but fun nonetheless. In fact, the only guests outside of family are Tanya and her husband. Like I said, small. Ducky is too young to care, and this way we get to celebrate his life, and I get to make special cupcakes. Everyone wins.

My friend just got back from Wyoming and I get to see her this Saturday night. I found a very charming place for us to go, and I now have a reason to get all dressed up. Everyone wins.

I am meeting with several people this week to finalize my syllabuses and go over all the small things. I am going to build the perfect course for my students! I am excited.

I am also going apartment hunting again this Friday. My goal is to have something by the end of summer. And no, I am not being indecisive. At least that is one thing I have never been. I know what I want.

Today I went furniture shopping. I know, I know, it is like putting the cart before the horse. But I know nothing of carts or horses, so really what did y’all expect? I found a little brown/black leather couch set that I like. Nothing too big, so it fits anywhere, but very comfortable, and matching everything I will probably get from my current house (don’t even get me started on this, which is basically a blog post onto itself). I am also going to need half a dozen book shelves, and maybe a bed. Most likely a bed. And some lamps. I should make a list.

Actually, what I should probably do is go to sleep. I haven’t slept in days. I am not feeling tired, but I know it will catch up with me. Probably tomorrow when I am trying to get stuff done.

I promise my next post will be more coherent. Maybe focusing on only one topic.

So Sleepy

19 months. That is how long since I have slept for more than one night. 19 months is a long time. Sometimes I try not to think about it. But I am so tired. So, so tired. I have had my moments and have managed a night or two in between, but never anything regular that lasts. I used to think it was because I was pregnant, and pregnant women apparently don’t sleep. Except this wasn’t my first pregnancy, and I slept fine the first time around. Then the baby came, and Ducky was a handful. The first three weeks I had to stay up with him twenty four/ seven. I lay on the couch with him all night upright so he wouldn’t scream and wake up his sister. Once he was in his bassinet he was still waking up ever half an hour. Then he started sleeping in longer stretches (except when he is sick, then he screams bloody murder all night). But even when he is down, I am up.
Tonight I was going to work on something, but I told myself I would be in bed instead since I had no time to finish. I am obviously not in bed. I have to be up in a few hours, but it doesn’t seem to matter. I am up. I am like a little kid waiting to go to Disneyland tomorrow. Except I am going to my theory class instead. And I am probably not supposed to get this excited about Kant.¬†Except, have you seen his writings? I think I am getting a little excited just writing about him.

If I am going to stay up all night I should probably be working on my presentation on Feminism. Except I have nothing to say that they want to hear. Of all the topics I could have been given, someone decided that since I am a woman I would want to write about Feminism. Apparently men are suppressing women in literature. Somewhere. There is this looming maleness in the great abyss oppressing women. My presentation thus far?

WHERE? Who is oppressing you? I want names and dates!

Clearly I am off to a good start….

So, yeah, I am not going to Disneyland. I am going to the happy place in my head, which is way better. Maybe a little scary, and I would totally invite all of you to join me, except you will probably run away screaming. Ok, no more of this. I promise I will go back to writing about baby stuff soon. In fact, here is a wonderful article I wrote just a few days ago about baby food making.

Maybe if I go lay in bed and stare at the ceiling long enough I will fall asleep. Wish me luck.