Baby Clothes Gift Guide From A Onesie Fashionista

I was chatting with a friend the other day. She just went shopping for her sister-in-law’s baby shower, and she took my advice and bought some six months baby clothes for the mom to be. As she showed me the cute onesie she bought I realized that she did not think ahead.

Her sister-in law lives in Chicago. Where they actually have four seasons (unlike where we live in Southern California, and we have 1.5 seasons at best). So as adorable as that onsie is, roughly seven months from now, when the baby will be six months old, in Chicago it will be January. And cold. Not onsie weather. I told her to take it back and get something just as cute, but perhaps warmer.

Then I reminded her that babies all grow at different rates. For example, Ducky is 10 months old, wearing 24 months clothes. So all those cute jackets and sweaters my mom got him for next winter will not fit by the time we get there. Munchie is two and a half years old, wearing 18-24 months clothes. Sizes vary. Thus I advised her not to get a baby parka for the little one, but stick to something “warmish” which can be worn at any time from September to April in a colder climate. Like sweaters and pants.

She was amazed by my expertise.

“That is why you write all that stuff about kids!!”

Um.. yes. Why thank you.

I wanted to share all this with the rest of you. Because it occurred to me a lot of people don’t take weather into account when buying baby/children’s clothes for future times, so if anything, I hope I have helped some people out. You are welcome.

Any other baby clothes buying tips you want to share? Or you want my expert opinion on? 

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