Ad Absurdum

One of my classes is turning into a nightmare for technical reasons. My book orders aren’t going through for half of the books. Something about not being able to order from the publisher or something. For one of them the publisher is Norton. When did Norton stop selling books to schools?

Then to make things a little more absurd (ridiculous?), one of the book buyers asked if I could maybe email the author. You want me to email Goethe? I had a pretty hectic day, this just pushed me over the edge, and I started laughing. Generally I am slightly more tactful and professional. I just sat there laughing uncontrollably for what seemed like forever, but was actually more like three minutes. I composed myself and explained that Mr. Goethe is a tad indisposed right now and I would have better luck waiting for Godot.

In the meantime, if anyone needs me, I will be on the phone with Mr. Shelley.


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