A Lot of Pictures

I am sunburned. Walking around for three days straight has left me rather red, and my face matches my hair.

I started the day at the corner of Haight and Ashbury. It was interesting going into all the little shops, and overlooking the city. However, after two hours I headed back in the direction of Telegraph Ave.

Of course I decided to walk the 4.5 miles there, and got lost on several occasions, making the trip more like seven miles.

Yet, getting lost in San Francisco is more like a treat. The buildings are gorgeous.
I got to the top of Telegraph Avenue, climbing all of the steps, and this is the view:
I have never been a full four days without the kids before. It is weird not having them with me for this long. I miss them. But I needed this trip. I stopped at the local toy store and bought them a few keepsakes. They are toys, but a bit more special. I need to teach them to take a little more care with them.
I got this for Ducky:
For Ally, I got a pretty fairy with butterflies. She likes that sort of thing.
Then I went to the Beat Museum. It is a small little venue, mainly dedicated to Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, among other beat poets and writers. Even though I initially planned on going to three other museums, there just wasn’t enough time. I looked around their shop for a bit and bought a few things.
I didn’t buy this, but I found it amusing:

I got this other magnet for my daughter. I can’t wait until she is old enough to come to San Francisco with me. Only another year or two and I can bring her to the most beautiful city. Ducky, unfortunately is still a few more years away.

In the meantime, I hope to instill the above sentiment into my daughter. I hope she makes history.

I bought these magnets for myself.

I am only ever one of these things at a time.

The gift shop also had this:

A bathtub full of books. Yeah, I may have squeaked.

Here are some pictures of the museum:

I ended my evening by going back to The Hidden Vine for dinner. Tonight they were open. For a Saturday evening they were rather empty. Maybe they are a little too hidden. The girl working the bar informed me it had to do with the holiday weekend. But that’s alright, I got a giant lounge area all to myself (where I actually took the above pictures of the things I bought for the kids).
The food was amazing, and I continued with what has recently become my normal diet as of late, flatbreads with champagne.
The whole place is very ambient. I enjoyed sitting here for a while.

This weekend was just… beautiful.

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