Would You Let Your Child Wear This?

When I see a leash, I think of a dog. Or at least I used to. If you asked years ago what I thought of children on leashes, I was armed with many quips and smirks about bad/irresponsible parenting. What, these people couldn’t control their own kid? Are they so horrible that they need to stick a leash on them? How demeaning to the child!

Fast forward about five years. Our oldest daughter is starting to walk. Our son will be born in a few weeks. Leashes are looking pretty good. Maybe it is just my curiosity. I have not yet done the research on child leashes nor have I looked at them in stores. However, I am not far from such behavior. I contemplate at least sneaking a peak tomorrow when I am running my errands. Just a look-see at what is out there, and what my options are, especially when there will be two of them, a mere fifteen and a half months apart in age.

I am sure you have all seen them. They are either little harnesses strapped to the kid, or a version I have seen lately that entails a mini plush back pack with a protruding cord for the parent to hold on to. Frankly, it is the back pack version that got me thinking down this path. What could be more innocent than having your child wear a cute little back pack?

Double strollers are great, and I love the one I just received (despite my rant against such contraptions just a few months ago), but if I want a free range baby (soon to be babies), maybe a leash will help preserve my peace of mind, or at least keep my kids in one piece as they run circles around mommy at the supermarket.

How do you feel about child leashes?

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