Wordless Wednesday

Mary was trying to take a photo… I could not stop laughing…
There were about a dozen of these shots, with me at various stages of trying to focus…. but I will spare you and only post two…
Still laughing… trying really hard to focus… and then the camera was out of focus… this is actually the best one.
Hannah and I went to one of my favorite places, and this is the first time Mary has been there. It is an interesting bistro/wine bar with a very assertive wait staff. It is where I come when I want to be told instead of asked. I got there early, got us a table, and ordered a glass of white wine. The owner said no, tonight I will be having Chianti. Then he nixed my food order and brought me tuna tartar. He felt I would like it better than what I had originally ordered. When I told him everything was delicious, he replied “I know.”
Hannah was in no submissive moods. She told him she wanted organic low sulfate wine and she would take no substitutes. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. It does.
“Mom, what are you doing?” I look confused… She snapped an impromptu picture of me… while her finger was covering the lens. The only person in the world more technologically challenged than me.
As you can tell, I have very few pictures this week and adding all sorts of filler. I was bored and took a picture of my ring.
I promise better pictures next week!

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