Well Then

It is official. The worst part about doctoral applications is the transcripts submission process. I just got another email this morning from a different school that cannot locate my transcripts. And this time it is worse. The first school that did this was terribly cryptic about the whole thing more or less telling me “there is something wrong with your application, but we can’t tell you what. Contact us immediately.” And then after a bit of back and forth it was resolved. The school this morning told me “there is something wrong with your application. We can’t find your undergraduate transcripts.Do not contact us. Resolve the issue immediately.” Well then.

And they have this attachment they need included with the transcript, meaning I have to reprint it, fill it out, personally take it to my undergraduate school, and have them resend it.

However, because I am terrible at following directions, I did contact their English department directly in regards to this. And got a prompt response back basically stating “what did we say about contacting us?”

Well then. I guess I know what I will be doing on Friday.

Update: They found my transcripts. Can you guess where they were? Under my maiden name. Which defeats the whole purpose of having a cover sheet attached to them stating my account number, current information, and/or any name changes.


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