There is Something About Elmo…

There is something about Elmo. And not in the Cameron/Mary way. This is probably the conversation they had when creating Elmo. Don’t ask me who “they” are. That is not important.
“Let’s create a TV character that will generate lots and lots of toy sales and make him more annoying than anything else ever before invented. “
“Like this?” the second guy asks holding the most annoying thing/creature imaginable.
“No! Even more annoying!”
And that is how the furry red creature we all know and hate, er, I mean love, came about. Which is fine and dandy, but then you have to consider that not only was he invented, kids everywhere love him. My daughter adores Elmo. This is a conversation she had with my mom the other day:
Munchie: Go! (this is what she says when she wants to be left alone)
Mom: Well if I go, who will take care of you?
Munchie: Elmo!
Elmo has taken over our house. He is all she asks for. He is the one she looks for. Forget that mommy has been at work all day. No “where’s mommy?” but “ELMO!” every evening before dinner, during bath time, before bed, during bed time, and probably in her sleep too.
If it were up to her, I would be replaced by a giant red creature. And now that I just wrote this, I am beginning to see the similarities. I mean, I am huge compared to my itsy bitsy twenty one months old daughter. I have red hair.
Oh my God! My daughter thinks I am Elmo! I am flattered? I think?
What do you think?


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