The Selfie

Selifes are a thing these days. Admittedly they have been a thing for a long time, but as phones turned even more adaptable (i.e. front facing cameras), they have become a part of our everyday lives. Visit any social media site, and anyone’s profile, and surely you will find not one, but most likely a series of selfies. I too am guilty of overindulging in the self shots, and believe to have perfected the art.

Generally the selfie is not simply self gratifying in and of itself, but rather serves to garner acknowledgement from others, hence they are posted everywhere and not used only to look at ourselves. The more people comment and praise the self posted selfies, the better the poster feels. There is a certain skill set necessary for proper selfie creation that not only relies on proper posing, but takes into account today’s selfie conventions.

Some of you may have haphazardly been posting pictures of yourselves unaware of the unofficial selfie rules these days, so to help you create better selfies, I will outline said rules, and demonstrate how they work through pictures of my own.

Selfies are obviously meant to be flattering, and popular consensus states that women’s hair is their best attribute. When taking a selfie, make sure your hair is prominently pictured. If you can get it to blow gently in the wind, even better.

Me and Ducky

I have found tilting your head to one side gives your features a better angle. And if you combine the head tilt with the flailing, coifed hair, you are sure to look irresistible.


Some selfies are best taken from an upward angle. Hold the camera slightly above your head and snap away!


Which brings me to my next point, the bathroom selife – always a crowd pleaser. Find a bathroom, point the camera at yourself in the mirror and snap away.



Yet not all bathrooms have full length mirrors, and we have to find these elsewhere. When doing a full body selfie, make sure you are in an appropriate venue. After all, you want your surroundings to be as glamorous as your outfit. Remember to always smile.



Last, but not least, keep in mind the seductive selfie that you send to a man you are interested in. For this one you will have to combine all of your selfie skills to fully enchant him. Tilt your head to the side, make sure your hair is poised just right, and to add that extra oomph, feature your femininity in the picture with a candid shot of your cleavage. For the best results, cross your arms to life your breasts at an angle, taking the shot from above, most prominently displaying your buxom chest.



Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to creating the perfect selfies where your friends will admire your amazing photogenic qualities. You, too, can be the most dazzling woman on the internet.

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