The Pro Choice Debate

For the longest time I thought I was pro choice. I still am. As long as it’s your choice. When faced with the decision, each time I realized there really was no decision to make. First, let me say I am not judging those who have had abortions in the past, or may have them in the future. As stated, I am pro choice.
Personally, however, it was impossible. And I have never regretted it going through with the pregnancies and having my wonderful children. Of course at the time, despite the unplanned nature of everything, my husband and I were in good positions to have these children.
The other day there was a split second when I thought I may be pregnant again. I was mortified. We are in absolutely no position to have any more children right now. And even more importantly, my body would not be able to sustain a life and maintain itself. I have had two children in less than two years. I know some women who have had more than that, but I don’t think I could physically handle it.
After giving birth to my son my body was completely depleted. I have lost a lot of weight. My body has been weakened. I need to recuperate for several years before growing another life.
Yet, for that split second, I once again realized, I cannot make that decision. I am pro choice. As long as it’s not my choice.

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