The Potential


My purse is huge. Almost every purse I have had for the past decade has rivaled Mary Poppins’ carry-all. But if you look inside my purse you will immediately notice I only have a handful of things. I know a lot of women who have big purses that are stuffed to the brim, and other women who have small purses and have as many things as me. Today, as I was at Macy’s, potentially buying another purse, and the lady helping me had a peek inside mine. She didn’t understand the disparity between the size of my purse and the amount of objects in it, especially since I was very adamant about only wanting to look at big purses, as she continuously assured me that I was eligible for a variety of options. So I had to explain to her that that is exactly why I like big purses.  I like to have to the option, or the potential, for carrying many things while not necessarily doing so. I mean, should I happen across a pile of stuff just laying around that needs to be shoved somewhere, I want to be prepared, and capable. I am proactive like that.

I must say I also enjoy the versatility of a large purse. If I have too few things, well then I have extra room, but if on a day I decide to pack up my entire bedroom into my purse, then I like knowing I don’t need to switch purses as I rush out the door. Shove, shove, shove, and done. Unless I am trying to coordinate with my shoes, then there is no need for me to move things around.

As much as people think I dress simply for effect, I am rather practical in that I choose my pieces wisely enough to not have to strain myself too much. I may be fashionable at all times, but I am no longer so naive as to allow my accessories to consume my day. One purse per season to match as many outfits as possible, fit everything I could ever image shoving in a purse, and look well slung on my shoulder. What more could a girl ask for?


  1. Huge purses are great for smuggling in yummy and also inexpensive non-movie theater-foods into the movie theater without any remarks or stares. 🙂

  2. This is very true! I hadn’t even thought of that… all the more reason to have a big purse…

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