The Internet Police

Sometimes I run queries for redheads and find different sketches and portraits to use for my blog, or as avatars. I must be very generic looking since just about every drawing of a redhead I find resembles me. I have found so many lately I have a little folder with all the ones I like.

If I ever use actual pictures, they are my own. It is one thing to have a cartoon avatar of another woman, and quite another (weird) thing to actually use her picture.
I like pictures, and just as on Pinterest, I can spend hours distracted. Not to mention that finding one or two sketches involves looking through hundreds of them.
Ally came up next to me to see what I was doing. She is still at the age where she thinks all redheads are me, even if they are not cartoons but real pictures. Tonight I found another one I like (featured above) and showed it to her. She looked at it and exclaimed “Look mama! It’s you when you are being bad!” What do I look like when I am being good?
Later in the evening, when I thought she was in bed, she comes into the kitchen. I was on my laptop (actually blogging about ants), she watches me for a few seconds and then asks “Mama, are you being bad again?”
When did my child turn into the Internet police?

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