The Egg Hunt


Easter is coming, and I am totally unprepared. I am referring to the entire egg dying business. As has been the case with every holiday recently, we are doing two Easters this year because some people, who shall remain nameless, can’t get over some grudges, even when there are children involved. As much as I love the Easter Bunny, and enjoy him greatly in his chocolate form, it is really the children who get the most out of this. But apparently I don’t know how to be a mother, so what do I know? Maybe it is not about the children after all. If I sound at all angry, it is only because I am.

Two Easter celebrations means twice the pastel eggs that I will have to magically produce come Saturday morning. Maybe if I concentrate hard enough I can lay them myself… already colored! No? Well in that case, I better figure out how to do this.

There has been a lot happening that I can’t blog about, but all that aside, I believe I have about five minutes to myself at some point between 1 and 2:30 on Friday afternoon. The other day while contemplating my dilemma I thought that it would be wonderful if I could buy already dyed eggs, but then realized I don’t know where to get such things. I vaguely remember once seeing cartons of them somewhere while thinking “who buys these?” Obviously I do. Yet there is still the problem of not knowing from where, and going from place to place to find out if they carry them is out of the question. At that rate I might as well just do them myself. A bunch of eggs, one giant bowl, one dye tablet, and done! To save time I could dye them all pink. Ally would be thrilled, and Ducky wouldn’t care.

In the meantime I have been poking around to figure out where pre-made Easter eggs can be found. Who said egg hunts were just for children?

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