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I have said multiple times I would do it. It is done. My new blog is here! I would like to say it is ready to go, but really, it is not. After I imported all of the posts and comments from the Blogger site, I had to go into each one and reformat because the entire import was just a data dump, and it was all a jumbled mess. I think that end of it is more or less taken care of. The site itself is as good as I could get it in the last week or so, but still not entirely what I want. Unfortunately, what I want requires me to actually know what I am doing.

It is very much still a work in progress, and I will be tinkering with it over the next month or so (if not longer). I am in the process of making it pretty, but I also want to make it readable and functional. A few years ago I had my old blog set to a black background with white type. Several people complained that on the longer posts, the contrast gave them a headache and it was hard to read, so I implemented the white background – everyone was happy.

Now I am experimenting with the grey background, which I feel works well. But I want to hear how it looks on your end (not just the background, but the entire set up). I have looked at it from my phone, my laptop, and my work computer, and so far it appears okay. But I want to know how it looks on different devices with different settings. Does anything not translate well?

Also, if you will notice, I have two whole tabs at the top! Yes, click on them, look at the tabs (they are amazing, and I am obviously overly excited about having tabs). Once I figure out how tabs work, there will be more. However, that may take a while… In the meantime, enjoy!