I know I have said this several times before in the past couple of years, but I still want to move the blog. I am well aware that I probably won’t because I wouldn’t even know how to get started with something like that, but it has recently become even more apparent that I need to find a solution. From your end, it may appear that my blog is just fine. From my end, it is a mess.

When I was blogging for The Daily Tic I had a very good experience with their WordPress site. Blogger was great when I was new to blogging and needed a very user friendly set-up. Not that I have learned too much since, but I think I need something that I can customize a bit more. While Blogger is easy to use, it doesn’t give you very many options.

Also, what I am referring to here isn’t so much the actual look of the blog, which I love, but rather the organization of it.

I have well over a thousand posts that are all heaped onto one another. Trying to find anything is impossible and entails endless scrolling. I realize that part of the problem is the way I title things, which is ambiguous at best. At the time I write a post the title totally makes sense, but when trying to find things from almost a year ago, it can at times be difficult. Thankfully I am pretty good about labeling my posts with keywords.

What I want is a page that has more than one page… you know, little tabs where I can put things. Aside from not really knowing how to do these things, my hesitancy also stems from not actually knowing how these things would be organized. Little tabs at the top of the page sound like blogging heaven, but what would I put there? A few titles are obvious – Picture Posts, How-To Posts (I had many of these from my earlier blogging days), Parenting Posts. After this it becomes a little more questionable. There are my strictly academic posts, and there are some that are borderline academic, but not quite. There are my weird-I-don’t-know-what-this-is posts, and my ranty posts. These might seem like classifications, but I can’t very well have a tab that reads “middle-of-the-night-rants.” Also, if you have been reading my blog for a while, you will notice there isn’t always a clear distinction.

So yes, I want tabs, but I don’t know which ones, or what to do with them.

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