Swimming in Memories


If you swim in memories do you ever have to come up for air? Or do they act like oxygen to keep you alive? For how long? Are the tiny imbedded beads of the past just like tiny buttons you can push to artificially recreate a chosen moment of an alternate reality that once was? If you relive the same moment in your head a hundred times will it become real again?

Meaning can be derived from nothingness, but nothingness cannot exist without something. Or is it the other way around? It doesn’t really matter. There was something, now nothing, and meaning fluctuates. I guess it depends on who you ask. Your memories are never someone else’s or vice versa and those moments you treasure you will painfully find out are sometimes insignificant for another. They can barely remember your name or that you once existed for them. Memories like little pearls scattered on the floor that another crushes under their foot as you scurry to pick them up. The longer you take the less of them you will find. And the other person has long left the room, building strings of pearls elsewhere.

Yet memories live within. They can be denied but never made to disappear. Age will destroy some. The most memorable always resurface, taking on various forms, and continuing to survive. And as you let your mind float amongst them you learn and relearn how to swim, breathing happy thoughts.

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