Seduced Yet?

When I found all of my family pictures that I had posted a few months ago, I also found a small collection of my mother from almost forty years ago, in various sultry poses, beautifully and artistically done. I was very happy to see her in that way, and glad she kept them. So I decided to create a similar collection for my own daughter, for when she grows up.

My friend and I were messing around with a camera trying to replicate the pose in the rendering above, which is supposed to be rather seductive (I am sure there are people who will disagree). It looks simple enough. Put a string of beads in your mouth, partly close your mouth, and take a picture. Right?

Somehow I managed to almost swallow the bead necklace, nearly gag on it, break the chain, ingest several beads, almost choke on them, spill beads all over the floor, and bite my lower lip.

According to my friend, at one point I started waving my hand in front of myself much like a cat when it washes its face. So basically I looked like a cat having a spasm. Are you seduced yet?

Because if not, I could always pelt you with plastic pearls. That’ll do it! Nothing is quite as sexy as a woman spitting out cheap jewelry.

Far from sultry, the proper response to watching me do this would have been “Ma’am, are you alright? Do you need medical attention?”
And I am still finding beads in my hair.
I think for my next attempt I will recreate one of my mother’s photos. She had very long dark hair, and the photo was taken from behind as she is looking over her shoulder. She is undressed except for a sheet draped loosely around her waist.
All I have to do is stand still and look over my shoulder. I can’t possibly screw this up.

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