Munchie is becoming quite the talker, and in the process saying some terribly funny phrases  (I have a feeling she doesn’t quite understand how some things work). Here are some of my favorites, for your amusement:
Drive faster mommy!– No dear, mommy just had the last two speeding tickets fall off her record… she likes it that way.
Mommy, I want to look at the trees. Stop driving mommy! – No dear, we don’t stop in the middle of the freeway. Mommy just paid off her car.
Can I have another little brother? – No. You already have one. – But I want another one mommy!!! WHY??
Momma, what happened to your hair?? –  I had just come home from the salon, and the horrified look on her face said it all.
Mommy, you need more make up. – Lovely.
I want to have a Starbucks party! – She is two and her favorite place is Starbucks… yeah, we are related.
Momma what is that?– Wine. – No whining momma!
NO DUCKY NO!! Don’t touch that! Momma need that! – She was referring to my coffee that Ducky was about to spill. Yes dear, momma need that.

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